I'm obsessed with the question above. What inspires?

I'm inspired by an eclectic mix of ideas, pursuits, and follies. I'm inspired by masterful pale ales that make me reach back into my memory to search for the smell or the idea that I'm tasting now. I'm inspired by my cat's undying hope that he will one day catch the enormous rook out in the garden tree. I'm inspired by my dog's unabated excitement every time I come home, whether I've been out for two weeks or two minutes. These things inspire me to create, to dream, and to love.

On a deeper level, I am inspired by masterful fiction. I'm inspired to write.

I read broadly, but owing to my undying early love of HG Wells and Isaac Asimov, most of my writing takes the form of soft science fiction, the variety that immerses characters in fantastical sci-fi settings but focuses on the characters themselves rather than the technology. I hold a PhD in Applied Physics focusing on nanotechnology, but personally, I want the science and technology to form the setting and hurdles, then stay out of the way. Sci-fi interests me more when it's about the characters and how they live and deal with conflict in their world, and that's what I aim to deliver.

I am working to get my first completed novel published and have more projects in the works. My hope is that one day I can inspire someone else to do the same.

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So, what inspires you?


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